About G4NAB

Chris Jackson

Radio Amateur G4NAB/F5VMR

G4NAB – in the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth.

Having lived in France active as F5VMR for more than 13 years, I have returned to England in March 2021 and have resumed as G4NAB, now fully established in our new home in Northumberland.

Born and bred in Gosport in the south of England, for a long time I was resident there, before a professional career spanning 30 years from 1973 around the county of Hampshire. During that period as a Police officer, about 13 years was spent in the post of a radio controller/dispatcher in various evolutions from Low Band VHF through to Phase-Linked UHF multi repeater systems. This involved direct contact with the public receiving emergency calls, and directing colleagues to intervene in incidents. For the remainder of my service  I was both a patrol officer and port officer at various times, retiring in 2003 from the county control room.

Oh! and Yes! All Lives Matter.

Technician with expertise in:
  • DMR
  • Hot Spots
  • Code Plugs
  • Cavity Filters
  • Duplexers
  • SVXLink
  • Repeater Builds
  • Linux
  • Diplexers

#g4nab #f5vmr @g4nab

4 thought on “About G4NAB”
  1. Good evening Chris
    name here is David call sign G7SRE living in Ashington as well .
    I was pleasantly surprised to hear their is a Repeater here in Ashington I never knew.
    I’m active on most of the digital platforms Dmr being one of them .I hope we can chat sometimes on what ever mode and thank you for this Repeater.
    I myself made enquiries about the possibility of setting up or trying to get a 2 and 70 cm Repeater in Ashington and using the college to host it but it came to nothing I couldn’t quite get any help but plenty of interest .
    Anyway all the best

    Regards David G7SRE

  2. Hi just got my license a few weeks ago M7DVK. Been trying to connect to your repeater. I’m in Cramlington. Getting to grips with DMR now but would be great if could connect to your repeater.

      1. Hi Chris. Ive backed up my codeplug its for an Anytone D878UVIIPlus. Tried the contact us from here and displays an error. You can send me your email and i’ll forward it to you.

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