Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

METAR Newcastle Airport

Recently I have become strangely involved with the Online World of Flight Simulation, using the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The simulator is coupled with a number of features that carries it into the real world environment, where Simulator Captains and Private Pilots, come together with a very experienced On-Line Air Traffic Control team, that makes the Simulator become almost true to life.

In an Air Transport capacity, Flight Crew can register almost true-to-life flight plans, with on-line tools such as SimBrief, and Navigraph, and file them with VatSim, and that heightens the experience almost to a point of a real world environment.

Obtaining flight and taxi clearance to a designated runway, using real world weather scenarios, then taking off, subject to flight levels and headings, or fly under Autopilot to your destination, where another controller guides you into land.

Follow this link for such a flight…