After several months of work, the Dashboard is now complete and available for all users of the SVXLink from SM0SVX. The dashboard is installed to work with SVXLink on Debian 11 (Bullseye)  Apache2 and PHP8.0 (PHP8.2 with Debian 12 (Bookworm) if that is the chosen OS.)

When installed it will be necessary for the sysop (system operator) to make a small modification to one file, in order to allow the sysop the security of modifying his own configuration files, whilst having the freedom of exposing the dashboard to public view. 

Full instructions are available at

At the bottom of the left hand SVXLink Info parameters, there is now an indication of Editing Authorisation.

Without the authorisation, only the Dashboard Display items are viewable. Access to the Log, Power and all the Full Edit menus are blocked. With the authorisation confirmed, full access to the edit functions, log visibility, power and reset functions become available. Clicking on Authorise provides access for the sysop only to make edits or restart the node, or to reboot it or to shut it down. Clicking on Display Dashboard rescinds the authorisation.

Thanks to Waldek SP2ONG, Daniel SP0DZ for their original compilation.

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