METAR Newcastle Airport

Welcome to my pages. 
I am retired police officer (Hampshire 1973-2003), where for about half my service I was a control room operative, in four evolutions of radio development. During the first of these periods, I gained my first amateur radio licence as G8POB, which at the time was VHF and UHF only. During a patrol phase, in which I was a village Bobby, I obtained my full licence, with a morse certificate, as well as a home office licence certificate, and became G4NAB. During this time I was very active with RTTY using Creed Teleprinter sets. Later I had a UHF EchoLink node.

Upon retiring, I became briefly GM4NAB living in Dumfries, with involvement in South East Scotland Raynet.

However in 2007 we moved to France, where with a HAREC certificate, I became F5VMR.

Here I became deeply involved in repeater building and maintenance, having built between 20-30 repeaters, but committed to running and maintaining two VHF and a combination of others. Here I built one of the first DMR repeaters installed in Limoges. In the days before Pi-Star, this was more challenging. Pi Star just made administration far easier. Sadly due to demolition of the building, this repeater has been closed down, as has the Wide Area Network on 2.4 GHz covering all our club’s repeater sites.
Returning to the UK in 2021, I continued my pursuit of forming an svxlink network, with a view to reinvigorating the use of FM. Now living in the North East of England, north of Newcastle, my server hosting the svxreflector is operational, with a growing yet small number of nodes and repeaters.

I also own and host GB7HT DMR Repeater that is on BrandMeister and the IPSC2 (formerly known as phoenix) networks.

You can read of this and other projects in the main pages.

Good to see you. Drop by again.

Chris. G4NAB

¬†Email: [email protected]