Today is another step forward in the evolution of our repeater projects at F8KFZ.

Virginie F5ZGM our repeater at Peyrat le chateau has been working for several months with a Raspbery PI model B+ at her core, running SVXLink under raspbian. We planned an extension of the project to enhance the coverage in regard to the reception. So I constructed a receiver that I have called “Vera” to interface with the main repeater, her big sister “Virginie”.

Consisting of a Motorola MCMicro, and a Raspberry PI Model B, the intention was to install the receiver to enchance the receive capabilities in the far south and west of the coverge area.

Initial tests indicated a problem in our network but results were encouraging.
The opportunity arrived today to install the receiver at the former site of the R2 repeater at Grelette south of Limoges.
In the logic of the main repeater is a system of voting for the right to be the operational receiver at any moment, either the main repeater at Peyrat, or the receiver at Grelette. The logic continues to verify the presence of the incoming transmission on the receive in use, and may change if the path of the signal becomes stronger on the other.

Because of the possibility of a rapid change, the system keeps a hold for short time in case of a reversal to the original path.

Naturally when dealing with networks, and computers, there are expected to be problems of delay, as it has been noted already on the main repeater, between transmission and reception. But as we are dealing only in milliseconds, I think that the results will speak for themselves.

Any station in the area east of Limoges may find they gain better access if their signals are caught by Vera.

DTMF, CTCSS 88.5 Hz. and 1750 Hz. are also passed by Vera to the main repeater Virginie for system access.

Chris F5VMR

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