I have one word to say about the new DV4mini image for the Raspberry Pi from a23-Wertheim.de. Awesome!

Now it’s easy to say without first making some explanation.

I’m not going to go through the installation process, you should now be familiar with that. Real VNC is easy to connect on a fixed network at first, then you can configure the WiFi, and login to your VNC account.

In BrandMeister it’s easy to set up but a bit of explanation is required. In the expert tab, when you select your choice of server, add the password for the server as you would for any hotspot. The UK server 2341 requires the password as “passw0rd.” Go back to the front tab and click connect. You will find it connecting to bm_4000, which is quite correct. These days got to your self-care page and create a personal password, and add that to the DV4Mini interface.

Now you will need to create a full code plug for your chosen hotspot frequency. You no longer need TG9 except to hear back the linked and not linked messages. Create as many channels as you think you may need with as many talkgroups. A full list of talkgroups is on my pages here. With an MD380 you’ll have 16 positions in your zone, in which case if you fill it, create another zone. You can duplicate the calling channels if you think it necessary. So for example if you traffic on BM2350, craft a code plug with 2350, 2351, 2352, 3100, 204, 208, 2085, and TG4000. When you call on 2350 and make a contact and want to chat, switch quickly to TG4000 and give a quick blip on the PTT to disconnect 2350 and then go to 2351 etc to chat…. Simples! In all cases use only slot 2 on the channels no matter where the talk group would be on a destination repeater, BrandMeister knows the routing. You can use any talkgroup anywhere on the network!

New information: program your top button to send TG4000. Pressing this button prompts a PTT press that will disconnect previously activated fixed talkgroups.

In Phoenix/DMR+ it is equally easy, selecting the IPSC2 server of your choice, and the selection of usual talkgroups for either slot. I chose IPSC2-Phoenix-F, and entered 1,235,80,81 in slot 1, and 800,810,820 in slot 2 in the boxes provided. Select the front tab and select 4000 and connect.

For the code plug it is also the same scenario as for BrandMeister, but using the appropriate talkgroups for IPSC2. But only use slot 2 as you are using a simplex hot spot. Again the server system knows the routing to the destination talkgroup. For example my first effort today was to G4SDM near Guildford in Surrey on TG81, with him on slot 1 and me on slot 2.

There is a restriction in the DMR+ set up in that you can only use talkgroups that you have preprogrammed in the DV4mini. Try to use any talkgroup not in your selection and it won’t work.

Couldn’t be simpler.

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