British English en_GB.tar.gz –

These files are for installation in Raspberry Pi SVXLink compilations. There are over 400 Voice samples and phrases ready to use.

In SSH after compilation of SVXLink use the following code.

cd /usr/share/svxlink/sounds

sudo wget

sudo tar -xzvf en_GB.tar.gz

sudo rm en_GB.tar.gz

Français fr_FR.tar.gz –

Ce dossier est pour l’installation dans le Raspberry Pi SVXLink. Il y en plus que 400 phrases, tous prêt pour SVXLink.

Dans SSH après la compilation du SVXLink, taper la code suivante.

cd /usr/share/svxlink/sounds

sudo wget

sudo tar -xzvf fr_FR.tar.gz

sudo rm fr_FR.tar.gz

Anyone wishing to add voice samples to their own packages will need DSpeech from Dimio, and Audacity both available on the internet.

With DSpeech you will need a TTS Voice package of your choice. When saving a sample as a .wav, they cannot be used in SVXLink without modification. Import the sample into Audacity, and trim off the blank parts of the sample. Highlight what remains, and click on export as Microsoft .wav file. This changes the 12th bit to &H10 (Hex 10) without which it will not play through the software. (Without the change the bit remains as Hex 12).

Also watch where the samples are being saved as you can loose track of them.

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