I was asked by the sysop Seamus G7ITT to assist in setting up GB3EV with a new type of Raspberry Pi Hat, actually designed and made in France, using the software SVXLink with which I was already familiar and had several repeaters operating with it. The sole difficulty was that at the time I was living in France.

However with Team-Viewer this wasn’t impossible, so together Seamus & I commenced the software compilation. All that was required for him to do was to place the Micro-SD card into the PC initially to download the software and to write the image, then to place the card into the Raspberry Pi equipped with its HAT (Hardware Attached) for me to compile the software, addressing the various commands via the Raspbian Terminal.

No, it’s not simple, and yes, it takes an age.

I also compiled around 400 voice samples in British English that the software SVXLink uses in its various Modules.

SVXLink was created by Tobias SM0SVX several years ago and has gone through various transformations from a simple EchoLinux server to a multi-way Node Controller, capable of use in a simplex node, a repeater, a remote receiver/transmitter pair to an existing repeater, and a server providing links for a system of repeaters, so that they can link together full or part-time.

Back to the build. Seamus wished to have EchoLink access primarily, but on-board modules can provide current weather reports from Airports in the locality, Voice EchoTest, Voice Messaging, and various others, that for the time being are not implemented in Evie (GB3EV).

To activate EchoLink on GB3EV, send 2# after your voice announcement, then Evie will tell you that EchoLink is available. Then send the number of the node to which you wish to connect followed by a #. The connection will then be announced. At the end of the connection, send # to terminate the call, and a further # to disconnect EchoLink. In any case the module will self-terminate if not further used within about 5 minutes.

GB3EV announces verbosely on the hour and identifies every 10 minutes thereafter. Sometimes these announcements are in Audio Telegraphy, depending on the previous activity.

GB3EV operates on VHF Channel R4 with a CTCSS of 77Hz. Efforts were made to open this to users of older equipment equipped only with 1750 Hz audio tone, but due to the hardware, this has not been possible, although the software is capable.

For further information on this repeater and the Eden Valley Radio Society go to https://groups.io/g/EdenValleyRadio.

Whilst there is an instruction page within my site g4nab.co.uk, the definitive information about SVXLink can be found at svxlink.org.

An interesting development is now that GB3EV is performing a part of a larger experiment of an SVXPortal, the dashboard of which can be seen here. This and the stream above is live information. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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