After an absence of several months, due to tear-down of the Station and Antennas in France, the HF station is again serviceable, subject to the interference on 80 Metres.

The Kenwood TS-2000 is the main equipment these days, connected to a Sigma SE-HF360F vertical antenna mounted at the very bottom of the garden. The cable isn’t the best choice, but I had to bury several metres of 40mm UPVC Drain pipe under the lawn, to the base of the wall of the house, to where it climbs up and enters the house through a further length of pipe through the wall to the attic, from where it enters the operating position with the other feeders, that of the three band vertical, the low-loss feeder of GB7HT Repeater under the bench, and the feed to the FlightRadar24 unit with its APRS Antenna.

The HF360 tunes almost completely across the band except for a small section of 40 metres, where the auto-ATU complains a little.

Noise on 80 Metres seems to be an occupational hazard in the urban environment, where in France there was an absence of electrical interference. Here in the UK with nearly every household having Internet and WiFi, it is inevitable there is RF Clutter. I run several Raspberry Pi devices, and they are not very clean RF-Wise in any case.

Looking forward to meeting up on HF then on CW, RTTY, FT8 or phone some time in the future.

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