I am not going to be drawn on the why or wherefore as I do not know, but the UK server for BrandMeister 2341 has been changed and is available on IP address

There was a suggestion from someone that I was not to be trusted. I do not know the reason for this suggestion, but nevertheless I refute it totally. I have neither slandered anyone nor made any statement that shows anyone in a light other than in which they portray themselves. If I was asked to do something I have done it with the ham spirit in mind. If I have been unable to do something it has always been as a result of failing to achieve the goal, or it has been contrary to recognised policy or legal requirement. Therefore be assured I shall never criticise a person, only the act that a person has carried out, whether in ignorance or illegality, provided that the evidence of the act is available.

I am sorry that this event occurred and it has appeared to create an atmosphere of mistrust all round. Let us hope that a full restoration of service can be achieved rapidly.

I support the BrandMeister Global network, although I have connections to IPSC2 both in the UK and in France that provide extra connectivity in the DMR world.

Please feel free to read all the articles that I have written, and share them if you wish. Although where I have drawn conclusions, they are mine alone, but for the most part they are the results of experimentation that if carried out elsewhere I am sure that the reader with reach similar conclusions.

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