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Fixed or Dynamic (user activated) Talk Groups versus Dynamic TalkGroupReWrites and reflectors.

We are all familiar with the Baked Bean Can Telephone of our childhoods, I think.

Someone with fixed or user-access talk groups has accumulated a number of baked bean cans, fixed by string to another set of baked bin cans to which he can talk at will. He wants another talk group, he picks up another can.

Someone with only one baked bean can, can only talk to one other baked bean can, via his one piece of string. To change group he gets the holder of the other baked bean can at the far end, to tie another piece of string to the far end of the existing string to another desired baked bean can, so that he can continue to talk. To change talk group, he tells the other baked bean can holder to cut the string, before asking him to tie it to yet another can.

Now is it a lack of tins that is the problem, or a lack of string, or is it the inability to understand that baked bean tins or string isn’t the problem, it’s how you use them.

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