The Anytone CPS for the 868 and 878 is fine provided you are comfortable with tediously entering the talk-groups, channels and zones, or saving an existing code plug and exporting the data as .csv files, compiling the data outside then importing it back in.

Having seen a YouTube video of exporting the information as a data conversion file .dcf for manipulating in contact manager, I thought I’d give it a try. Big fail!

Whilst the concept was sound and I created a code plug that in Tytera circles would be good, when importing it back to the CPS the talk groups I had made where imported to the wrong data table and none of the talk groups in the channels were available, and had reset to a single talk group or none at all.

In the end I ended up doing a mix of the two methods, and exporting the current talk groups to a.csv, adding more talk groups, importing the .csv back into the CPS, then exporting the .dcf to do the channels and zones, reimporting the .dcf, then found I had again to add the talk groups to some of the channels manually.

It was at this point that it was a good experience, as the Anytone CPS had changed the talk group access settings to Other Color Code instead of Same Color Code. Additionally I noticed that the code plug user had not set TDMA Selective in any DMR channels, an essential part of two slot use. While the CPS is sound and the radio excellent, the manipulation of all the relevant parts is convoluted. Whilst copy and paste are available, you had better make well sure that the first channel is correct before copying to a multitude of other channels for expanding the talk-groups range. To go back through and change the simplest error can be very time consuming. Keeping track of your work is time consuming, and any interruptions can make you lose the thread of where you might be in a multilayer procedure.

Thankfully I don’t do many of these, and when I do I use My master copy. Don’t ever attempt to try and and change a MoonRaker code plug, it’s not well constructed in my view and contains much irrelevant and outdated information. Sorry guys but it’s true. Repeaters change and come and go.

Don’t name talk groups as you will never find them – use numbers. Name the channel instead of you have to, and make them easy to find when you select them for the zones.

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